Member Education Email Seminar more benefits less risk for you

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for making the effort to THOROUGHLY
research what you NEED to know before you
choose any kind of cosmetic treatment or cosmetic clinic or cosmetic doctor.

Because… there are many benefits to choosing to
have cosmetic procedures.

Why? ….
It can change lives!

But… there are also many risks – especially in the WRONG hands….

And while the treatments we use at Bayside Swan Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic have been used SAFELY by doctors with 30 million happy people worldwide
– there have been deaths… and other SCARY complications!

But the GREAT news is with the right knowledge you can CONFIDENTLY
stop yourself falling into a dangerous situation.


Because the overwhelming majority of those complications have been caused by people who are not doctors or not cosmetic surgeons –

the biggest offenders have been nurses, ‘chinese medicine doctors’, acupuncturists, beauticians or doctors who jump around suburbs, etc.


Because those people have never performed surgery.
They have never learned anatomy by dissection. Or
they are not qualified or available to fix their mistakes.

That is why they are NOT licensed to prescribe and inject cosmetic injections.

.. because those people are BREAKING THE LAW, laws which serve to protect you from those illegal injectors.

But THAT is not going to happen you. You are an intelligent consumer who seeks the facts and protects yourself with knowledge. You know your rights and demand a higher standard.

My goal, wherever you are in
Australia, is for you to

I want you to
feel ABSOLUTELY delighted with yourself!

So I invite you enjoy this FIRST video in this email seminar you requested.

Make it a fun day,

Dr Gary Eldridge
Bayside Swan Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Clinic
Mentone, Australia
Ph (03) 9585 8106

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