Wrinkle Injections: Platelet Rich Matrix – What is PRM and Why is PRM Better than PRP?

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But PRP has been around for over a decade. How has PRP been improved? And what is PRM and why is PRM better than PRP?
Well, firstly, we understood that PRP contains 7 growth factors which stimulate and regenerate aging skin, balding scalps and other degenerating tissues. But now we now are beginning to unleash the power of three special proteins in PRP which are called anchor proteins. These anchor proteins bind the new cells to the target tissue.

We now realise how VITAL these anchor proteins are to achieve faster and better results. In fact, in hindsight we now realise that treatment success hinges on these anchor proteins because they grasp hold of the plasma and form a network, the Plasma Rich Matrix, which holds the stem cells and other cells exactly at the site of injection – instead of dispersing away. That is one of the reasons why a lot of people have failed with regular PRP in the past.
This is why PRM, or Platelet Rich Matrix, is they key. Platelet Rich Matrix gets better results that PRP.

PRM Gives You BETTER Results FASTER Than Old-Fashioned PRP