Cosmetic Injections, Dermal Filler: Could Cosmetic Injections & Dermal Fillers Add $250,000 To YOUR Life? – And Six Ways to Protect Yourself From Illegal Injectors

“How Can I Protect Myself?”… Wherever You Are In Australia
Demand These Six CRITICAL Guarantees For Your Cosmetic Injection Doctor.”

Do you wonder why more and more people are choosing to
improve their appearance with just a little cosmetic enhancement?

Did you know that a large study by Professor Hamermesh in the USA discovered the value of having cosmetic treatments. In fact, he found that people who are more attractive are an extra $250,000 better off over their lifetime.
So as more people got cosmetic injections including dermal filler injections and muscle relaxing injections or neurotoxin injections it has also been found that there are 3 reasons why having a more youthful or more attractive physical appearance is economically beneficial

1/ aside from their improved chances of keeping their job as they get older, instead of being replaced by younger staff, or getting a better job or promoted faster, women who are looking younger and more attractive for their age are more likely to marry wealthy men;
2/ and, even more importantly for some, women who have an enhanced appearance are more likely to re-marry men who make more money; PLUS
3/ women who look younger for their age negotiate better home loans.

But not everything is perfect in the world of cosmetic injections. While complications are extremely rare when performed by a proper cosmetic doctor in a properly accredited medical clinic you also need to make sure that the cosmetic doctor who treats you is there for you every day – just in case things don’t go as planned. Why?
It is frightening to see a number of people who come in to my clinic who have suffered a complication or problem after they got cheap injections done at some other place. Because, sadly, the person who did their injections only comes around 1 or 2 days a week.

And you might see why people feel even more cheated when they discover that the person who told them they were ‘qualified’ to do cosmetic injections is not actually qualified to fix their mistakes or are not even around.

Sadly that’s often because those kinds of practitioners travel around from city to city or around the suburbs, stopping off at as many clinics or salons as they can find – making a quick buck.
Now that tragically adds to your risk. Why? Because when one of those people, often people who have never performed surgery or are not even qualified doctors damage and artery or nerve in your face, often there is only a few hours or perhaps a day or two to fix it.

So what happens is when their victims try to call them, the patient gets told to go find a GP or go to a hospital.

So how can you protect yourself from those kinds of businesses? Simple. When you call a cosmetic clinic ask, “Is the doctor there 5 days a week?”
If they won’t confirm that the doctor who treats you is always available at the clinic 5 days a week then find someone who is committed to providing this service.