Acne Treatments:Are You Thinking of Acne Treatments But Feel Frustrated By Treatments Which Fail To Work?

Are You Thinking of Acne Treatments But
Feel Frustrated By Treatments Which Fail To Work?

Do you feel tired of acne creams and tablets which don’t seem to work?
Are you tired of skin treatments which you need to apply morning and night, day after day?
Do you worry about the long term complications of acne – such as scarring and pigmentation and the social and psychological impact it can have on your life?

If so then this might be the best news you see all year!
Here’s why:

Perhaps you have heard about cosmetic wrinkle injections being used to treat sweating.
An maybe you already know that neurotoxin injections which, so famously, are used by millions of people around the world, can also be used to treat acne.

We know that these neurotoxin relaxing injection block the signals from nerves into muscles. Therefore, we use these successfully to reduce muscle activity in facial movements which cause wrinkles.
But these same injections can be used to block nerves which activate sweat glands and sebaceous glands.

And we understand that when we block the activity of sebaceous glands that this helps control acne.
Over activity of sebaceous glands is responsible for pimple formation.
Treating people who suffer with acne with these cosmetic injections helps to stop excess sebaceous gland activity and reduces pore size.
AND the great news is that not only does the treatment last up to 4 months, but using our Mesodoctor injecting system, we can perform hundreds of these tiny injections WITHOUT PAIN.

As neurotoxin/cosmetic wrinkle injections also block P-factor, inflammation in the skin is reduced.

So, the reason more and more people are choosing to
find a doctor who is skilled in this painless injecting technology and who understands these micro-injections are several:

• Reduce pore size.
• Controls oil / sweat production.
• Reverse inflammatory process that causes acne.
• Ease wrinkles / lines.

But not everyone is suitable for the groundbreaking acne treatment.
And, because neurotoxin injections are Schedule 4 medications, they MUST be prescribed and administered by a doctor.

To find out more if you qualify, or to find out if your cosmetic clinic is qualified to perform these treatments there are six questions you need to ask before you book into any cosmetic clinic.