Dermaroller Skin Needling Plus PRP to Get Rid Of Fine Lines, Stretchmarks and Scars

What I learned in Washington:
How to Get Rid Of Fine Lines, Stretchmarks and Scars
Using Your Own Blood And DermaRoller Skin Needling.

Are You Thinking About Fixing Stretchmarks But Fear Pain or Complications

Are You Thinking About Fixing Stretchmarks But Fear Pain or Complications

Do you know someone who feels disappointed each time he/she faces the mirror? Do you shake your head in dismay as you look at your sagging skin, stretch marks and fine lines?

And plenty of people in this situation face up to this reality by seeking ways to fix this problem. Micro-needling is a breakthrough therapy that more and more people in the USA are beginning to embrace.

What is Dermaroller skin needling?

Dermalroller, dermal roller, skin needling or microneedling therapy involves using a roller with dozens of tiny needles. As we roll the dermaroller over skin which has been numbed, the tiny surgical steel blades or needles, which are up to 1mm long, penetrate the epidermis. This helps us to cause inflammation. We want to cause inflammation because this increases skin blood flow and forces us to produce collagen and this tightens up skin.

The problem with just doing dermarolling…


It was widely recommended that dermaroller skin needling be performed five times per week – for at least five weeks.

However, because this was tough on people, they would often settle for a smaller dermaroller, with needles that were only 0.5 or 0.75 mm long. Those small needled dermal roller can legally be used in Australia by unqualified people like nurses, beauticians or even by yourself. But in long term studies we found that people would fail to do the treatment as often as it is recommended. So naturally they would often then feel disappointed with the results.

A better way

But – while I was in Washington last month, one of the things we discovered was combining dermaroller skin-needling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to improve people’s  skin.

When a doctor, who is allowed to use the bigger 1mm dermaroller, we can combine dermaroller therapy with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) by taking a blood sample and processing it in just the right way.

This is great news because we can then infuse your skin with up to 7 growth factors and other potent stimulators which significantly intensify the inflammation and escalate the healing process.

So by combining PRP with dermarolling, a person can get much better and faster results – which is great news if you want to get rid of fine lines, banish stretch marks and smooth out wrinkles or acne scars.

This means a person can achieve faster and more consistent results with just ONE treatment per month, until the you achieve the desirable skin you want.

Now, in Australia, dermal rollers with needles of 1mm length must be used by a medical practitioner. But when you get dermaroller skin needling performed by a trained cosmetic surgeon or skin specialist who then combines this with PRP, you might begin to see why so many people are raving about the superior results.

Stretchmarks… or no stretchmarks? There’s no need to wonder, over and over, what it would be like with just a few treatments?

No Pain, No Gain?


… because the doctor can apply anaesthetic cream or give you short acting inhalational anaesthetic this is also great news because a person can expect a

  • much better result,
  • no pain,
  • faster recovery and
  • using by combining dermaroller skin needling with PRP this allows us to go deeper because any infection risk almost unheard of with PRP.

More and more people like the idea of combining PRP with dermaroller micro-needling because it is an excellent procedure for anyone who wants to treat small (e.g. around the eyes) or really large areas e.g. the whole face or neck or hands or even your chest or abdomen or thighs.




Breasts with stretchmarks?… Breasts with NO stretchmarks…. Which will you prefer?



What would it be like to have skin you love?

What would it be like to feel happy again with younger, firmer, skin again?

What would this mean to you?


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